Saturday, 14 January 2012

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara and FOTD

My beloved Rimmel "Day 2 Night" mascara ran out a few weeks ago and I couldn't find it anywhere here so when I saw the Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara on sale for just $5.00, I snapped it up. To be honest, I didn't have huge hopes for this as I have a hit and miss relationship with drugstore mascaras but this was a pleasant surprise.

The bristles are very firm, yet there isn't too much product deposited on the brush. It also manages to coat my eyelashes without making them look too clumpy. Once on, my eyelashes don't feel hard and crunchy as can happen with other mascaras.

My apologies for the deer in headlights look but it really gives me the false lash effect non?

I was also trying out a sample of the MAC Pro Longwear foundation here but I'm still on the fence about it. It just looks a little "ashy" to me when compared to my other MAC foundations. What do you think? (Click the pictures to make them larger)

Foundation: Pro Longwear foundation in NW45 (MAC)
Concealer: Studio Finish concealer in NW45 (MAC), Select Cover-Up in NW40 (MAC)
Powder: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in "Deep Dark" (MAC)
Blusher: "Sahara" (Sleek) 

Lid: "woodwinked" eyeshadow (MAC)
Crease and transition: "Vanity" palette (Wet 'n' Wild)
Highlight: Select Cover-Up concealer in NW40 (MAC)
Eyeliner: Waterproof velvet touch eyeliner in "black ink" (GOSH)
Mascara: Lash Stiletto mascara in "very black" (Maybelline)

Colour Sensational lipstick in "velvet beige" (Maybelline)
Hi-shine lip treatment in "Juicy Peach" (The Body Shop)

Love, life and pretty lashes 
Nana Adomah 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Brush it off...

I have quite a lot of makeup brushes but I'm one of those people who think that you can never have too many. Washing brushes is not one of my favourite activities so I like to have a lot of brushes so I can stretch out the time between washes. (On a side-note, I really hope you ladies wash your makeup brushes. Smearing bacteria on our faces is not the one....)

I have a good mix of very expensive and very cheap brushes but regardless of price, the quality remains generally high. Therefore, imagine my joy when I found makeup brushes that combine good quality and a low price at Costco of all places!

This 10-piece brush set was only $24.99 and it's a mix of natural and synthetic fibres. It has 6 face brushes and 4 eye brushes and I'm absolutely in love.

The brushes are neither too long or too short and the handles are a gorgeous dark aubergine acrylic.

The synthetic concealer brush on the far right is the best concealer brush I've ever used. It's about the size of my thumb so I was a bit taken aback by the size at first, but it's perfect for getting under the eyes and around the sides of the nose. Plus, I always think that synthetic concealer brushes are preferable to natural-hair ones.

The fan and kabuki brushes are also synthetic (which I'm less happy about) but they more than do the job required.

The eye brushes are all made of natural hairs and they are absolutely fantastic. I have absolutely no complaints.

The set also comes with this lovely deep purple case. All the brushes fit inside with no problem and it even has a detachable pouch you can throw in your handbag.

Finally, it comes with a handy instruction leaflet which explains the purpose of each brush. This is really useful for those who are not too familiar with makeup brushes.

This set is ridiculously good  quality regardless of the price and I believe that it's still in Costco stores. I still can't believe that I bagged all of these brushes for less than the price of my MAC kabuki brush!

Love, life and bargains! 
Nana Adomah

Happy (belated) New Year!

Oh dear, I haven't done very well have I? Well before I start I would like to wish you all a very happy new year and I hope that 2012 has started off on a great note for all of you. May this year be better than the last because 2011 was a seriously  sucky year. At least that means the only way to go is up right?

Moving on, I'm actually in Atlanta at the moment and I've been here since late November. I came to visit my family because I hadn't seen my siblings in a year and I'm still here! I'd be lying if I said I miss London (and the exorbitant travel expenses) but I'm sure I'll be craving a slice of the Big Smoke sooner or later.

Due to my crappy blogger ways, I have a TON of blog posts lined up so I'll kick them off with an outfit of the day (OOTD). I wore this last Sunday to church:

Blazer: Talbots
Pleated maxi skirt: Primark
Top: Primark
Bag: Ted Baker
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Necklace: Accessorize
Bangle: Top Shop
Charm Bracelet: Accessorize

My apologies for the blurry picture. I've come to realise that a lot of people struggle when it comes to working a camera X_X How do you fashion bloggers do it? I can never seem to get people to take decent pictures of me!

Thanks to all of you who sent me lovely messages while I was away; I had no idea that people were even reading this thing so it was very much appreciated. It's good to be back!

Love, life and new beginnings
Nana Adomah

(P.S. Nana Adomah is actually my name. "Domzy" is a nickname from Adomah that some of my friends call me. I've decided to use my real name on this blog from now on. Hope this isn't too confusing.... )