Friday, 30 November 2012

'The half-life of love is forever'- This Is How You Lose Her Review

As much as I love makeup and fashion, books will always come first in my heart. I feel like I haven't read any decent, meaty books in a while so I took a day off this week to do just that.

This Is How You Lose Her by the Dominican-American author Junot Diaz was an excellent choice to thrust me back into the literary world. I'd been meaning to read some Diaz for a few years now and my brother even gave me a copy of the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao to read this Summer. Lethargy and general laziness prevented me from actually reading it but I remembered Diaz when I was looking for a book to read this week.

TIHYLH is a collection of short stories which all (bar one) have the protagonist Yunior in common. On the surface, this is a book about cheating but Diaz's writing goes so much deeper than that. This is also a book about masculinity, patriarchy, grief, relationships, and yes, as cliched as it is, "the immigrant experience".

Yunior is really quite an unlikeable character but by the end of the book you can't help but fall a little bit in love with him. Diaz's writing made me feel as if I'd truly lived with these characters. Diaz's writing is startlingly authentic and his use of slang, both English and Spanish, does not come across as forced in any way. His writing is littered with expletives and obscenities but you really feel as though they add to the texture of his stories.  Diaz has a poet's ear and his writing is utterly sublime. He manages to sum up the exact moment when you know a relationship is on the downward slope perfectly:

'And that's when I know it's over. As soon as you start thinking about the beginning, it's the end.'

I know I'm drooling now but the final story 'The Cheater's Guide To Love' was an exhilarating read. It's a story about cheating, heartbreak, and its consequences and it stays with you long after you turn the final page. In fact, I was so loathe to leave Yunior and his family behind that I'm currently in the middle of reading Drown, Diaz's first short story collection published in 1996 which also has Yunior as its protagonist. I've been told that I should have have read Diaz's books in chronological order as they all have Yunior as the narrator but I didn't feel as though I was missing out on anything major when I read TIHYLH.

I could go on about this book forever but this has already gone on longer than I intended it to. I'll leave you with a short passage from which we get the title of the book. Yunior has just been caught cheating (for the nth time) from his girlfriend reading his journal:

"Instead of lowering your head and copping to it like a man, you pick up the journal as one might hold a baby's beshatted diaper, as one might pinch a recently benutted condom. You glance at the offending passages. Then you look at her and smile a smile your dissembling face will remember until the day you die. Baby, you say, baby, this is part of my novel.
This is how you lose her."
Junot Diaz

Love and great books,

Nana Adomah

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lime And Fur

Yes, this OOTD is about 3 weeks late but better late than never eh? We were having a bit of a cold spell so I took the opportunity to bust out my tattered "fur".

I went full-on with the makeup too. It was just that kind of day. I used my oft-neglected Sleek "Storm" palette and had "Jubilee" by MAC on my lips. I'm still not convinced that nude lipstick suits me but I had no other option with that heavy eye makeup.

Dress: Custom-made by my seamstress in Ghana
Blazer: Talbots
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Fur Collar: New Look

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving which was made all the better with a visit from my sister from another mother (hey Aks!) all the way from London. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.

Love and joy,

Nana Adomah

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mini Urban Decay Haul

Urban Decay were having a sale a couple of weeks ago and I snapped up a few items (from the dregs) just before it ended.

I bought two of their eyeshadows in "YDK" and "Dashiki", a lipstick in "Confession" and a lip gloss in "Stung".

Urban Decay eyeshadows are my all-time favourite and since I already own 4 of their palettes, I definitely do not need any more. However, these were on sale for just $6 each and since they're usually around $18 I couldn't pass them up.

L-R: YDK and Dashiki 
"YDK" is a gorgeous light brown with frost/ medium shimmer, while "Dashiki" is a true frosted blue. Both of these colours are like butter and apply like an absolute dream. Urban Decay eyeshadows are typically incredibly soft, with excellent pigmentation and these two are no different. "YDK" suffers from a little bit of fall-out but nothing compared to the glitter bombs that Urban Decay can sometimes produce.

"YDK" on my lids with a touch of "Dashiki" in the crease. 
I also picked up a lipstick in "Confession" and a lip gloss in "Stung" which were $3 and $4 respectively (original prices- $22 and $12). 

They are both very dark, which is all the rage for Autumn/ Winter, but quite sheer and buildable. They are also both non-sticky and feel very nice and moisturising on the lips. My only gripe is that "Stung" could be more pigmented and I am not a fan of the overly honeyed smell.

One layer of "Confession" on my lips with no lip liner

Urban Decay have always had quite quirky packaging and I absolutely love the packaging of the lipstick. It's all very reminiscent of the legend of King Arthur pulling the sword out of the stone and it's reassuringly weighty in the hand.

Overall, I was very pleased with my purchases (particularly the eyeshadows) and they were an absolute steal at under $20. There are still a few sale items available on the Urban Decay website so definitely give it a look.However, unless you're a huge fan of glitter, I suggest bypassing any eyeshadows that have "sparkle" in their description. These eyeshadows tend not to be UD's best....

Until next time,

Nana Adomah

Friday, 19 October 2012

REVIEW: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Foundation

I feel like I've been foundation shopping all year in a quest to discover the perfect foundation. I've tried so many different foundations and many times I thought I'd found "the one", only to be cruelly disappointed when they slid off my face before the end of the day. I found a few that I loved but they all seemed to be missing a little something. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light was great but I was in between colours and who's got the time (and money) to be mixing two $35+ foundations every day? Urban Decay's Naked Foundation was also good but I wanted a little bit more coverage. Lancome's Teint Idole gave me almost everything I wanted but in the end it was just pipped to the post by...


Okay, that's quite enough drama. I purchased the Mat Velvet+ from Sephora last week after trialling it for a couple of weeks. I'd been wanting to try this foundation for a long time but since Makeup Forever is so difficult to find in the UK, I had to wait until I was in America. I really like the consistency because it's quite creamy without being too thick. It's medium-full coverage and it's easily built up. It also lives up to its claims and lasts for a full day. I have a very oily t-zone and even though my nose would get oily again in a few hours, the rest of my face remained generally matte.
However, once I actually had the full-size product in my hand, I almost didn't buy it because it looked absolutely tiny. $36 for that dinky bottle? With the persuasion of my (bad) friends Rachel and Vanessa, I bought it anyway and imagine my shock when I took it home and discovered that it was
the same amount of product as my MAC, Revlon, and E.L.F foundations (1.01 oz). Appearances really are deceiving and you only need a very small amount for a full face. My shade is #75 (not very imaginative MUFE) and although it applies a tiny bit too fair, it oxidises slightly to my perfect shade.

Excellent coverage
Small size makes it very portable
A little goes a long way
Does not contain SPF so you avoid that awful white cast that can appear in pictures

Doesn't contain SPF (haha! Contradictory, I know)
The price may be a little steep for some
Dries very quickly so you have to be super fast when blending
Rubberized packaging picks up dirt easily

In summary, I am very happy with this purchase and I definitely recommend anybody looking for a non-oily foundation to at least try a sample.

The MUFE Mat Velvet+ Matifying Foundation can be purchased from Sephora.

Until next time,

Nana Adomah


Thursday, 18 October 2012

FOTD: Orange Crush

I've been having a mini love affair with orange lately. I've also been trying to use some of my make-up that I haven't touched in a while- "shopping my stash" if you will. To that end, I decided to build a daytime look around my MAC "Firespot" eye shadow, which I got a few years ago in the Moonbathe collection.

I paired the orange-y eyes with one of my favourite blushes 'Taj Mahal" by Nars, slapped on some pink lip gloss, and I was good to go.

Mat Velvet+ matifying foundation in #75 Coffee (Make Up For Ever)Lustre drops in "sun rush" (MAC)
Pro Longwear concealer in NW40 (MAC)
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder in "Dark" (under eyes) and "Dark Deep" (whole face) (MAC)
"Taj Mahal" blush (NARS)

Lids- "Firespot" (MAC)
Crease- "Vanity" palette (Wet 'n' Wild)
HIghlight- "Ricepaper" (MAC)

Lower lashline- "Antiqued" (MAC)
Eyeliner- Waterproof velvet touch eyeliner in 'black ink" (GOSH)
Supercurl curling mascara (Urban Decay)

Luscious liquid lipstick in "Raspberry" (E.L.F)

I think orange is a nice change from the usual golds and bronzes and it works well the whole year round. Would you rock orange eyeshadow?

Until next time,

Nana Adomah

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

OOTD: Stylish Strands (Christie Brown)

Christie Brown is a brand founded by Ghanaian designer Aisha Obuobi and they've become known for cutting-edge fashion with an African twist. I've wanted a Christie Brown necklace for a few years now and I was finally able to get my hands on one over the summer. However, this gorgeous necklace stayed in my closet for months because I had no idea how to style it....

My friend C gave me a last-minute invitation to her friend's fashion show in downtown Atlanta and I hurriedly threw on the necklace in an attempt to jazz up the most boring outfit in the world. Loads of people stopped me to ask where it was from so it can't have looked that bad. Even my cousin, who hated this necklace when I first bought it, conceded that it was "quite cool".
Necklace- Christie Brown
Blazer- Talbots
Clutch- Ted Baker
Wedge booties- New Look
Jeans- can't remember....
The multi-strand necklace is super long (almost knee-length) and each strand is made from a patterned Ghanaian cloth. I absolutely adore it and I'm looking forward to styling it in different ways. Do check out the Christie Brown website as they have some fantastic clothes and accessories. Their new A/W 2012 collection is a particular favourite.

So what do you think? Yay or nay?

Until next time,

Nana Adomah

Monday, 15 October 2012

Birthday FOTD

Greetings! Long time no blog and I won't waste both our times with excuses so onwards we go....

 It was my birthday last Friday and I really wasn't in the mood to do anything at all but my very lovely friends dragged me out to dinner and a good time was had by all. I kept my eye makeup pretty simple so I decided to jazz it up with a red lipstick.

Mat Velvet+ matifying foundation in #75 Coffee (Make Up For Ever)
Pro Longwear concealer in NW40 (MAC)
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder in "Dark" (under eyes) and "Dark Deep" (whole face) (MAC)
"Coral" blush (Sleek)

Lids- Color Tattoo in "Bad to the bronze" (Maybelline)
Crease- "Galapagos" eyeshadow (NARS)
HIghlight- "Ricepaper" (MAC)
Eyeliner- Waterproof velvet touch eyeliner in 'black ink" (GOSH)
Supercurl curling mascara (Urban Decay)
False half lashes (Ardell)

Lips"Chestnut" lipliner (MAC)Lipstick in "Shade 1" (MUA

I bought this MUA lipstick about 2 years ago but I only remembered I had it last week (shame on me). I wanted something different from my usual matte, red lipstick and this could not be better. It glides on ridiculously smoothly and it's insanely pigmented. It also does a fantastic job of staying put. It survived a three-course meal and drinks with only one touch-up so it's a definite keeper.

Thank you so much to everybody who wished me a happy birthday. It was very much appreciated.

 Until next time,

Nana Adomah xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

FOTD: Orange Lava

Sleek Makeup's Pout Paint in "Lava"
Orange lips are all the rage this summer but I've been avoiding trying them out because I don't have a wish to look like Ronald McDonald. However, having seen plenty of dark-skinned ladies rocking this look lately, I thought "what the heck?" I rummaged in my makeup case and found Sleek's Pout Paint in "Lava". These Pout Paints are supposedly similar to the ones by OCC and it went on smoothly with the tiniest amount needed.
The finish wasn't as matte as I'd have liked but it's extremely long-lasting and there's very little fading even after eating and drinking. However, make sure your lips are properly exfoliated before using this as it WILL highlight every bit of dry skin, flakiness on your lips.
Pout Paint with flash (indoors)

Foundation: Studio Fix Fluid in NW45 (MAC)
Concealer: Studio Finish concealer in NW45 (MAC), Select Cover-Up in NW40 (MAC)
Powder: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in "Deep Dark" (MAC) 
Blush: "Taj Mahal" (NARS) 

Mascara: Supercurl curling mascara (Urban Decay)

Pout Paint in "Lava" (Sleek)
Lipliner pencil in "Forever Red" (LA Colors)

I paired the Pout Paint with NARS' "Taj Mahal" blush and lashings of mascara. I can't even remember the last time I went out without eyeliner but I think it worked. This look took all of 10 minutes (I shocked myself) and it's a nice, no-fuss Summer look.

In natural light
Sleek Pout Paints are extremely affordable and I think I picked mine up in a deal in Superdrug last year for £5. They can be purchased here.

Have you tried Sleek Pout Paints before? Let me know.

Nana Adomah 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

NOTD: Barry M Berry Ice Cream

Barry M's "Berry Ice-Cream with LA Colors' "Jewel Tone"
Like many people, I love wearing bright colours on my nails in the summer and Barry M's "Berry Ice-Cream" is one of my favourites. I decided to jazz it up a little by adding LA Colors glitter polish in "Jewel Tone". It dries really quickly and it doesn't need loads of coats so I"m a fan.
What my nails look like in natural light. (Ignore my tips, I singed them on a hot plate :-\ )
I definitely recommend both colours and they are extremely affordable. Barry M can be found in both Superdrug and Boots, whilst LA Colors can be found in Beauty Base in Westfield shopping centres.

What are your go-to summer colours? Let me know in the comments below!

Nana Adomah

Monday, 16 July 2012

My Top 20 Cosmetic Products of the Year So Far

I originally intended to write this post highlighting my favourite cosmetics products way back in January but alas, I wasn't able to get my act together. I managed to whittle down my favourite/ most used products of the year so far and I thought I'd share:

Sleek blush in "Coral" (L), NARS blush in "Taos" (R)
I'm slowly building up a ridiculous blush collection (I only have two cheeks after all) but these two blushes were the ones I reached for the most. Sleek's "coral" blush gives me a really nice and natural flush and it's easily build-able. NARS' "Taos" was a favourite last year as well and I adore the gentle shimmer on top of the dusky rose colour. Sleek blushes are a steal at around £4.50, whilst NARS blushes are a lot more at £20.50.

MAC Select SPF 15 in NW45 (L), MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
Natural in "Dark Deep" (R)
This has been my go to foundation combo all year. I actually bought the Select foundation by mistake when I meant to buy the Studio Fix Fluid, however, I much prefer this one now. It's not too heavy, yet gives a good medium/ full coverage.

The MSF in "Dark Deep" has been my holy grail powder for around 3 years now and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It gives me the perfect "glowy" look and it can be used by itself with a bit of concealer if I want a really light coverage. I cannot recommend this enough.

Rimmel nail polish in "beige" (L), Barry M Nail Paint in
"Berry Ice Cream"
These are the polishes I've used the most this year. Barry M's "Berry Ice Cream" is the perfect summer shade in my opinion. It's fun and girly without being too vomit-inducing. The Rimmel polish, on the other hand, belongs on the other end of the spectrum. I've never been a fan of nude polishes but this makes my hands look so elegant and it particularly looks great when my nails are long. I'm a bit iffy about overly bright colours on my nails when I've grown them long because they run the risk of looking Cruella de Vil-ish. I highly recommend both colours.
Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara, E.L.F eyelid primer, Bobbi
Brown longwear gel eyeliner in "black ink"
So many accolades have been given to this mascara and I have to add mine to the list. This gives me crazy volume without clumpiness and I can't ask for much more in a mascara.
The E.L.F primer was a pleasant surprise because I chucked it into my online basket just so I could qualify for free shipping and it actually rivals my Urban Decay Primer Potion. It's very light and blends easily before I apply my eyeshadow. I'd even say it's better than the Two-Faced primer and the best part is that it's only one pound!
I bought the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner as part of a deal they were having on the plane and I've used it religiously since. It's perfect on the waterline as well as the upper lid and once it's on, it truly does not budge. Yes, it's pricey but it's worth every penny.
From L-R: MAC , E.L.F blush brush, E.L.F powder brush,
 Costco concealer/ foundation brush,
E.L.F concealer brush
I use these brushes everyday and they range from the very cheap (E.L.F) to the very expensive (MAC). The E.L.F brushes perform excellently, particularly when you factor in the ridiculously low price of £3 each. I bought my MAC kabuki brush on an impulse about 4 years ago (hey, when I'm depressed I buy makeup) and I remember asking myself if I was crazy as I forked over £30 for it. It's so soft and picks up powder so well. It has also endured numerous washes whilst losing only a minimal amount of hairs. Definitely worth the splurge.
MAC "Rebel" lipstick, The Body Shop.... lip gloss,
Smith's Rosebud Salve, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket
lip gloss in "Doug"
What can I say about MAC's "Rebel" lipstick that hasn't been said already? It's a wonderful deep pink that can be built up and looks especially great on darker skin tones. My pot of Smith's Rosebud Salve is still going strong after more than a year and I use this stuff every single day. It leaves my lips soft without being sticky.

These two lip glosses look good either on their own or on top of lipstick. They are not sticky (my biggest no-no when it comes to lip gloss) yet they have really good staying power.

I forgot to take smaller pics of the GOSH face primer and MUA eyeshadow above but both are excellent products. The MUA eyeshadow is a matte brown that only costs one pound and the pigmentation is superior to my MAC "embark" eyeshadow. I use this eyeshadow to contour my cheeks, as a crease colour and to fill in my eyebrows.

It was actually really hard to whittle this list down to just 20 (product junkie alert!) but these products have been good to me this year.

What are your top cosmetic products?

Love, life and lip gloss

Nana Adomah 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Leopard and Coral

Here's just a quick FOTD and OOTD of what I wore to church last week. I've lived in this shirt all summer as it's so easy to wear and goes with almost everything I own. I'm in desperate need of some new clothes since all of the clothes I have here are mainly autumn/ winter clothes from when I was in Atlanta in November.

I went for  pretty casual look and I accessorised with this great leather satchel I got in Ghana for the ridiculous price of 15GHC (about £5/ $8!) and these Pocahontas style sandals I picked up in Primark last year when my feet were hurting from wearing heels all day.

Shirt: New Look
Skirt: Forever 21
Top: Primark
Satchel: from a vendor in Osu (Ghana)
Sandals: Primark
Anklets: Ghana
Earrings: Primark

It was a staggering 41C/ 106F on this day and I actually thought I was going to have a heat stroke. Shockingly, my makeup actually survived the heat. I guess living in Ghana was good training ^_^ I primed my face with Milk of Magnesia and this stuff has made such a huge difference to the staying power of my makeup in the heat.

Foundation: PhotoReady foundation in Cappuccino (Revlon)
Concealer: Studio Finish concealer in NW45 (MAC), Select Cover-Up in NW40 (MAC)
Powder: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in "Deep Dark" (MAC) & HD Powder (Make Up Forever)
Blusher: "Sunrise" (Sleek) 

Lid: "honey" eyeshadow (Urban Decay) and "Singapore sling" in the Curacao palette (Sleek)
Crease and transition: "Vanity" palette (Wet 'n' Wild)
Highlight and inner tear duct: "ricepaper" eyeshadow (MAC)
Eyeliner (lid): Random black liquid liner from Superdrug
Eyeliner (waterline): Waterproof velvet touch eyeliner in "black ink" (GOSH)
Mascara: Supercurl curling mascara (Urban Decay)
False lashes: Ardell

Luscious liquid lipstick in "raspberry" (E.L.F)

I decided to wear falsies and I think I'm getting better at the whole application process. I must admit that I'm not the biggest fan of falsies because I don't want to get used to them on my face and then feel as if I "need" them but they are fun to wear once in a while.

How are you all enjoying your summers?

Love, life and sunny days 

Nana Adomah 
Isn't it amazing just how much we are inextricably tied to technology these days? I've been trying to psych myself up to write a blog post for weeks and just when I actually sat down to do so, my laptop died. My dear Macbook is currently stuck on the "grey screen of death" and I've been too much of a wuss to take it to the Apple store because I know, deep down, that my hard drive is most likely fried. I've been sulking about it for about 2 weeks now because I'd just transferred most of my pictures from Ghana onto my laptop and I have no way of retrieving them. There's a valuable lesson about backing up etc etc somewhere but I'm in no mood to hear it.

I had a post planned about my grandfather's funeral but that will have to wait a while. In the mean time, before I get my laptop fixed, I'll be posting stuff I prepared a while back and things I managed to capture on my phone.

I'm currently back in Atlanta after spending the last 4/5 months in Ghana and it's good to be back even though I'm missing London something fierce right about now.

Anyway, enough moaning for now. My desktop computer works just fine so onwards and upwards!

Love, life and positivity 

Nana Adomah 

P.S. I'm amazed that people have still been reading my blog amidst all my shoddy updating and I've even amassed a few new followers. Thank you so much for sticking with me and I hope I can repay you all. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hello again!

Long time no blog and I'm not going to bore you with a million and one excuses but I really do have a semi-good reason. I'm currently in Accra, Ghana and I've been here for a little bit now. I don't have a decent internet connection at home so blogging opportunities (and watching Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife etc. etc....) have been few and far between.

I have no hauls or anything of the ilk since buying decent make-up here in Accra can put a serious dent in your wallet. Anyway it's not as if I need any new makeup and I packed half of my collection into my suitcase. I've had to alter my makeup routine since I got here because of the insane heat and I'll hopefully be putting up a post about that soon

I've missed blogging so much and I'm going to try and put up a few posts while I'm here even though I doubt that they'll be very regular. I'll also try and rope my sister into taking some pictures of me for OOTD posts too.

It's good to be back (yet again) and check back soon for tips on how to beat the heat.

Love, life and homecomings

Nana Adomah x

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What's your makeup story?

L-R Daria Werbowy, Arlenis Sosa, and Elettra Wierdermann

I know that many of you out there love makeup as much as I do and I was wondering when your love started? My first foray into makeup was waaaaay back in Primary (Elementary) school when I would play around with my mum's Fashion Fair compact. I never left the house with makeup on of course and I don't even think that my mum noticed.

I began to wear eyeliner religiously when I was about 14 and got into foundation around 16 or so. Strangely enough I didn't start to wear mascara until I was in university because I thought mascara was just to make your eyelashes black and hey, my eyelashes are pretty black! Lipstick was also a no-no until my early twenties because I was convinced that it didn't suit me. Vaseline was my friend until I discovered "London Life" by MAC. I also discovered the huge difference that lipliner can make to the look of a lipstick and I've been hooked ever since. I've slowly incorporated blush (I didn't think it was made for black women) and everything else into my makeup cache.

Whenever, I see extremely young girls with tons of makeup on I get uncomfortable but then I remember that they're just experimenting too. I think it takes a while to know what suits/ doesn't suit your face so I'll allow them. I don't know if I'd be happy to have my future daughter looking like Ronald MacDonald in her early teens though (hypocritical much?) but I hope I'll be able to steer her away from the pancake look.

I think things are very different nowadays and with the huge exposure of available makeup for all skin tones and the large increase in YouTube beauty "gurus", girls seem to be more clued up on makeup from a younger age.

When did you start wearing makeup? When do you think it's appropriate for girls to start experimenting with makeup? Let me know in the comments!

Love, life and curious beginnings 

Nana Adomah x

(My friends are sick to death of my small obsession with Arlenis Sosa so I thought I'd sneak her into the banner for this post. Hehe)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara and FOTD

My beloved Rimmel "Day 2 Night" mascara ran out a few weeks ago and I couldn't find it anywhere here so when I saw the Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara on sale for just $5.00, I snapped it up. To be honest, I didn't have huge hopes for this as I have a hit and miss relationship with drugstore mascaras but this was a pleasant surprise.

The bristles are very firm, yet there isn't too much product deposited on the brush. It also manages to coat my eyelashes without making them look too clumpy. Once on, my eyelashes don't feel hard and crunchy as can happen with other mascaras.

My apologies for the deer in headlights look but it really gives me the false lash effect non?

I was also trying out a sample of the MAC Pro Longwear foundation here but I'm still on the fence about it. It just looks a little "ashy" to me when compared to my other MAC foundations. What do you think? (Click the pictures to make them larger)

Foundation: Pro Longwear foundation in NW45 (MAC)
Concealer: Studio Finish concealer in NW45 (MAC), Select Cover-Up in NW40 (MAC)
Powder: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in "Deep Dark" (MAC)
Blusher: "Sahara" (Sleek) 

Lid: "woodwinked" eyeshadow (MAC)
Crease and transition: "Vanity" palette (Wet 'n' Wild)
Highlight: Select Cover-Up concealer in NW40 (MAC)
Eyeliner: Waterproof velvet touch eyeliner in "black ink" (GOSH)
Mascara: Lash Stiletto mascara in "very black" (Maybelline)

Colour Sensational lipstick in "velvet beige" (Maybelline)
Hi-shine lip treatment in "Juicy Peach" (The Body Shop)

Love, life and pretty lashes 
Nana Adomah 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Brush it off...

I have quite a lot of makeup brushes but I'm one of those people who think that you can never have too many. Washing brushes is not one of my favourite activities so I like to have a lot of brushes so I can stretch out the time between washes. (On a side-note, I really hope you ladies wash your makeup brushes. Smearing bacteria on our faces is not the one....)

I have a good mix of very expensive and very cheap brushes but regardless of price, the quality remains generally high. Therefore, imagine my joy when I found makeup brushes that combine good quality and a low price at Costco of all places!

This 10-piece brush set was only $24.99 and it's a mix of natural and synthetic fibres. It has 6 face brushes and 4 eye brushes and I'm absolutely in love.

The brushes are neither too long or too short and the handles are a gorgeous dark aubergine acrylic.

The synthetic concealer brush on the far right is the best concealer brush I've ever used. It's about the size of my thumb so I was a bit taken aback by the size at first, but it's perfect for getting under the eyes and around the sides of the nose. Plus, I always think that synthetic concealer brushes are preferable to natural-hair ones.

The fan and kabuki brushes are also synthetic (which I'm less happy about) but they more than do the job required.

The eye brushes are all made of natural hairs and they are absolutely fantastic. I have absolutely no complaints.

The set also comes with this lovely deep purple case. All the brushes fit inside with no problem and it even has a detachable pouch you can throw in your handbag.

Finally, it comes with a handy instruction leaflet which explains the purpose of each brush. This is really useful for those who are not too familiar with makeup brushes.

This set is ridiculously good  quality regardless of the price and I believe that it's still in Costco stores. I still can't believe that I bagged all of these brushes for less than the price of my MAC kabuki brush!

Love, life and bargains! 
Nana Adomah