Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Dry skin woes

I've spent the better past of the past nine months in Ghana and my skin was never in a better condition. Here I am back in England and I have no idea what on earth has happened to my skin! I guess it really is true what they say about how hard the water is in London and its effect on the skin. My skin now dries out immediately as soon as I come out of the shower and I've noticed dry patches on my cheeks. I use a combination of Bio-oil (will do an extended post on this later) and an anti-inflammatory cream called "Surfaz" , which I discovered in Ghana, and it seems to be working so far.

I avoided Bio-oil on my face while I was in Ghana as I discovered that it was combining with the sun to make my skin even darker. Conversely, my skin looked great darker but I was too cheap to go out and buy a whole new foundation so I had to preserve the NW45 shade! Will keep you updated if my skin improves.

Now my body has also been suffering from the same dry skin syndrome since I came back a few weeks ago and I've been using raw shea butter to remedy the situation. However, my God do you know how annoying raw shea butter is to use?! It's very hard in its natural state and I resorted to filling the sink up with hot water, putting the shea butter in a plastic bowl  and immersing it to melt while I was in the shower. This way it would have softened by the time I was ready to moisturise my skin. But, after forgetting to do this once too many times, I scooped up a coconut and shea butter body butter on sale at Superdrug. It's two for four pounds at the moment and it smells absolutely gorgeous!

 It's nice on my skin and the coconut smell is not too overpowering but I still think I need more moisture so I'm going to melt some of my raw shea butter and mix it in with the body butter and this should hopefully solve my problem. I will let you know how my amateur mixology goes. Is anybody else having a dry skin moment and how are you combating this? I'm definitely open to new ideas.

Love, life and moisture

 Domzy x

Monday, 19 July 2010


Hello all!

The beauty blogging itch can no longer be ignored so here I am. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE make-up and all things beauty-related. I don't claim to be any kind of expert but I know what works for me and I thought I'd share. The days when the selection of make-up for black women were thin on the ground seem to be on their way out and for that we can rejoice. The choice of make-up nowadays is simply mind-boggling and it gives us fewer excuses not to try new things.

My make-up and skincare purchases range from cheapo-central to "did I really spend twenty-three quid on a blusher?" I'm just here to share my thoughts and views on various skincare and make-up purchases/ choices. Hope you enjoy the ride with me!

Love, life and lipgloss,