Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Return of the bad blogger

I really need to stop doing this don't I?  I had a million and one reasons for not updating my blog, the primary one being that my laptop decided to pack up on me. However, after I got  new my blogging mojo disappeared without a trace. I've decided that I miss blogging too much to let my mojo go without a fight so here I am.  I hope you guys will still be interested and I have a ton of stuff to write about so stay tuned!

It's good to be back.

Love, life and lipgloss Domzy x


  1. I just went through your whole blog. You really have a great sense of style. Can't wait to see your new updates!

  2. Not to worry, blogging has its up and down periods. I was looking through my archives and when I first started I did 59 posts in 1 month, last year it got as low as 3!

    It's good to take breaks every now and then, so hope you get some rest and come back soon. Just discovered your blog and looking forward to more updates :D

  3. Thank you guys so much! I'm definitely back for good now. No more slacking in 2012 ;)

  4. @Vivi I'm so glad you commented here because I came across your blog months ago but my computer crashed before I could subscribe! I was so pissed because I couldn't remember the name of your blog but I found it now :D


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