Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mini Urban Decay Haul

Urban Decay were having a sale a couple of weeks ago and I snapped up a few items (from the dregs) just before it ended.

I bought two of their eyeshadows in "YDK" and "Dashiki", a lipstick in "Confession" and a lip gloss in "Stung".

Urban Decay eyeshadows are my all-time favourite and since I already own 4 of their palettes, I definitely do not need any more. However, these were on sale for just $6 each and since they're usually around $18 I couldn't pass them up.

L-R: YDK and Dashiki 
"YDK" is a gorgeous light brown with frost/ medium shimmer, while "Dashiki" is a true frosted blue. Both of these colours are like butter and apply like an absolute dream. Urban Decay eyeshadows are typically incredibly soft, with excellent pigmentation and these two are no different. "YDK" suffers from a little bit of fall-out but nothing compared to the glitter bombs that Urban Decay can sometimes produce.

"YDK" on my lids with a touch of "Dashiki" in the crease. 
I also picked up a lipstick in "Confession" and a lip gloss in "Stung" which were $3 and $4 respectively (original prices- $22 and $12). 

They are both very dark, which is all the rage for Autumn/ Winter, but quite sheer and buildable. They are also both non-sticky and feel very nice and moisturising on the lips. My only gripe is that "Stung" could be more pigmented and I am not a fan of the overly honeyed smell.

One layer of "Confession" on my lips with no lip liner

Urban Decay have always had quite quirky packaging and I absolutely love the packaging of the lipstick. It's all very reminiscent of the legend of King Arthur pulling the sword out of the stone and it's reassuringly weighty in the hand.

Overall, I was very pleased with my purchases (particularly the eyeshadows) and they were an absolute steal at under $20. There are still a few sale items available on the Urban Decay website so definitely give it a look.However, unless you're a huge fan of glitter, I suggest bypassing any eyeshadows that have "sparkle" in their description. These eyeshadows tend not to be UD's best....

Until next time,

Nana Adomah


  1. YESS! Finally you're back! Loving both of these shadows on your lid! Have been wondering about UD eyeshadows but the price has always put me off.

  2. Thank you so much! I would recommend getting one of their palettes because they're very good value for mooney. The re-release of their UD loves NYC palette seems to be on sale on a lot of websites right now.

  3. How can I get some of these...I really love how you apply all these makeups?


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