Sunday, 27 February 2011


I don't know why I completely abandoned this blog but I'm determined to keep up with it again. I'm totally broke right now so there may not be too much new makeup to showcase but I have PLENTY of older stuff and I've been enjoying re-discovering old favourites.

I'm also going to bite the bullet and showcase some of the things I like to wear. I know nobody ever believes me when I say this but I can be really quite shy and I'm a little bit wary about this. However, I feel as though I'm coming into my own style-wise and I'm learning how to dress confidently for my UK size 20-22 figure. We can't all be slim and yes, I can definitely lose some weight for my health, but I'm not completely unhappy with the way I look. Bigger or smaller, you can definitely be fashionable and I hope to show you some outfits once I rope somebody into taking pictures of me.

Love, life and confidence Domzy x

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