Monday, 11 April 2011

Hair we go!

Don't you just love my fabulous propensity for puns? (Not).  Anyway, my local hair shop has been having an insane sale on a lot of their products this month and I was finally able to pick up a few things.

They had one of my favourite brands of hair relaxer on sale for 1.87 (!) so I grabbed a couple of boxes.

Organic Root Stimulator's 'Olive Oil' line is very popular and with good reason. Their hair mayonnaise is still my favourite deep conditioning treatment so I had to grab a new tub. I like to use it at least every other week and it makes my hair feel so soft, yet strong.

Their sheen spray was flying off the shelves as it was only a pound so I was lucky to grab one of the last ones.

KeraCare can do no wrong in my eyes and even though their products are insanely pricey, I genuinely believe that you get what you pay for. This small bottle of their silken seal is around 13.99 but it lasts an awfully long time. I only use a tiny amount whenever I want to blow-dry my hair and it's enough for my entire head. It acts as a heat protectant whilst leaving a glossy, non-greasy, finish.

I'm sure you all know about the benefits of coconut oil by now and this is a mixture of coconut and almond oil. I've suffer from extremely dry scalp and this has been doing a great job of moisturising without leaving my hair greasy. It also works very well on the skin, leaving it silky and soft.

Have you tried any of these products before and what do you think of them?

Love, life and luscious hair


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  1. Omg £1.87,I would have bought the whole shop... That's a bargain!!


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