Monday, 11 April 2011

Trinkets and baubles

I've been a bad, bad, blogger haven't I? I hope I'm forgiven as I have a ton of posts to upload in the next couple of days. I've just been a bit of hermit these past few weeks and I've shockingly shunned a lot of my usual social networks. Can you believe I haven't tweeted in a week?! (Shock and horror)

My parents were also in town from Atlanta for a week and they had me running up and down all over the place, even though I secretly loved it. I've missed them and it's not easy being away from my entire family for the majority of the year. My mum got me a few goodies, which I'll be posting shortly, and I can't wait to see them (and my siblings) again.

I got a few little bits and bobs a few weeks ago and I'm now getting round to sharing so here goes:

From left to right: Diamond solitaire and leaf ring (TopShop), Scrabble ring (eBay), Beaded ring (TopShop)

I adore this beaded ring and it's huge (just as I like them!). It's eye-catching but highly wearable.

I got the diamond ring on sale from TopShop for only 2.50 or so and the scrabble ring was 3.00. I've wanted a scrabble ring for ages and I was thrilled to find one so cheaply. I got it in "N" for Nana (which is the name most people call me).

I love my rings and I know a lot of you do too. What kind of rings do you guys like to wear?

Love, life and trinkets



  1. that beaded ring is lovely its so unusual x

  2. Thank you! I absolutely love rings like that. I believe it's still in TopShop (the Oxford St. one) if you want to get one for yourself.


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