Saturday, 23 April 2011

What's in my bag?

I saw this post on the lovely Shirley's blog and I decided to join in. So without further ado, here's what's in my bag...

I've abused this bag with the amount of crap I carry around it in. I managed to break one of the straps when I was in Ghana last year but I got it fixed and you can barely tell. I hunted all over London for this bag when it came out. I saw it in a Ted Baker where a friend used to work and I fell in love but the price was way out of my budget at the time. A few months later, I got a cheque from the tax-man since I'd over-paid on my taxes and I just knew I had to get my bag. However, when I went to get it, the black ones had sold out and they only had the tan ones left. I tried so many Ted Baker stores and heard the same story everywhere. I was randomly in John Lewis about 2 weeks later when I saw my bag at a Ted Baker concession and it'd gone on sale! Joy was not the word and almost three years later we're still going strong :)

Yes I even carry shoes around in my bag. There's a zipped compartment on the bottom of the bag and it's great for carrying sandals. I usually keep a pair in there just in case my feet begin to hurt when I'm gallivanting around in heels .

My old-school Kindle (courtesy of my Dad) comes everywhere with me and I'm currently reading A Song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin. I'm not usually into fantasy but I'm loving this so far. They've just started a television adaptation of this book called 'Game of Thrones' and it started last week on HBO/ Sky Atlantic. It's incredible so definitely give it a try if you're interested.

My 'Little Brown Cosmetic' bag from Bloomingdale's carries wait for it... my cosmetics! It has eyeliner, concealer, lipstick, lipgloss, vaseline, and perfume.

My Loewe sunglasses come with me whenever the sun's out. We also have a long-term love-affair.

A comb- don't want to be caught out by those sudden breezes.

My wooden fan- comes especially useful when stuck on a sticky, sweaty, tube carriage.

An umbrella- all Brits should know never to take the weather for granted. It's not unusual to experience all four seasons in one day! I like to be prepared.

Body spray and hand lotion- keeps odour and ashyness at bay

Phone and iPod- keeps me sane when on public transport. I'm a twitter addict and music blocks out all manner of insanities.

Hand sanitiser- London's filthy

My diary/ organiser- don't use it nearly as much as I should.

My Oyster card in its 'Cool Britannia' case. Can't really go anywhere in London without an Oyster card.

My Ted Baker wallet which was a gift from the aforementioned friend who used to work there. Contains my bankcards, storecards, etc. etc.

My university identification/ library card

My keys with my leather keyring from Cape Coast castle in Ghana, my Sainsbury's Nectar card, my Tesco Clubcard and mini-flashlight all attached.

I usually have random tissues and old receipts lying around as well.

Wowsers, I really do carry around a lot of crap. Might need an orthopedic help for my poor shoulder soon! What's in your bag? Let me know.

Love, life and de-cluttering


  1. Wow.. your bag is soo neat. I noticed you don't have much paper -bills random paper.. is that just me
    I love your cosmetics bag.. pretty cool stuff in your bag - no pens?
    I would say CD's but that just shows you I need to get some kind of IPlayer..
    feel free to say hi also - enjoy the sun x

  2. Loving that bag and those sandals are too cute!

  3. loll we had the same idea. I took pics from my bag inside too but I didnt know when to post it but now i will post it, nice idea

  4. hahahahaa....I love that you carry shoes in your bag! girl after my own heart!!!

  5. Hey Domzy, thanks for the comment! :) I paid £200 for the hair but my hairdresser who supplied it is giving me half back, but I would be grateful for some of your contacts if you could email them to me! BTW your bag is full of all the essentials, I need to take a leaf out of your book! :) x

  6. @Dawna Lee I usually have loads of random bits of tissue and a pen or too but I was sure nobody wanted to see that!

    @Mz More Thank you go so much hun!

    @Like Mousse Au Choco you should definitely post it. It's a fun idea.

    @Tinu I don't play! I hate waddling around on aching feet. It's not cute to me so I'd rather bust out some flats when my feet can't take anymore.

    @Natalie Kay I sent you an e-mail hun. I sent it from my personal account though so hope you got it.


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