Saturday, 23 April 2011

A week of pictures

I took a few OOTD and FOTD pictures this week but they never quite made it up so I'm lumping them all here. The weather has been utterly sublime and it's made me want to do nothing at all. I've been hanging out with friends and just generally loafing around.

What have you guys been up to in the fine weather? Let me know!

My friend Madeline and I decided to wander around Camden for the afternoon and we had fun just enjoying the usual Camden sights. We both picked up these silly Harry Potter-esque clear glasses so I could pretend to be a cool hipster and blend in with the Camden crowd! We also had some delicious (and cheap) Thai food at this little pub. We've been there a few times but it'd been a while so we decided to treat ourselves. After all, you can't go wrong with Thai.

My best hipster look

Jeans: ASOS
Top: George by Asda
Blazer: Talbots
Turban: Primark Scarf
Leather satchel: Oasis
Black Wedges: New Look

I was in the mood for bright eyes on this day and I wanted to pair it with a neutral lip. I'm convinced that "nude" lipsticks look terrible on me even though I like that look so I decided to make it work for me. I used "Touch" by MAC with Urban Decay's "Pocket Rocket" in "Kirk" over it. I kind of like it but I'm still firmly on the fence. Oh well, at least I tried something new. My eyes were done using the Urban Decay "UD Loves NYC" palette.

Finally, this is what I wore to church last week  and I actually bared my arms (shock, horror)! I detest my arms with a passion so they're usually under wraps, even the summer. I wore a simple tunic top I picked up in the New Look sale with my ASOS jeggings. I also wore my gorgeous, gorgeous wedges for the first time and I'm still in love. I'll be doing a detailed shoe post soon as I've picked up quite a few new ones (naughty naughty) so I'll talk about them there.

Top: New Look
Jeggings: ASOS
Wedges: ALDO
Bag: Ted Baker
Necklace: Monsoon Accesorize

Love, life and more sunshine!


  1. gIRL YOU ARE SO beautiful, you shine. Nice sunglasses

  2. You're gorgeous! I love your outfit too :)

  3. i love the outfit and you look so pretty xoxo


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