Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trials in depotting

I've always been scared to depot my makeup products as it looked like something that was better left to the professionals. However, I decided to bite the bullet last week and purchased an empty MAC palette from the MAC Pro shop in Carnaby Street.

I have a few MAC eyeshadows I've had for years and I noticed that I tended to use the same 2 all the time. I thought having a palette would enable me to see all my products at once and it would encourage me to actually use the other colours. I searched online for depotting methods and the hair straightener method seemed the most idiot-proof. I think I did a good job even though I managed to take a chunk out of "antiqued" (gasp!).

I got a bit excited after depotting the MAC eyeshadows and started looking for other things to depot. I noticed that I had random Urban Decay eyeshadow that I'd never used and a Sephora eyeshadow I received for free and they looked to be the same size as the MAC ones. I depotted them as well and they fit into the palette perfectly. Most of the tutorials I found online showed people sticking the labels of the eyeshadow on the bottom of the pan before putting them in the palette but I didn't see the point of that. How would I know what the eyeshadows were called? Therefore, I stuck my labels on the inner lid of the pan so I could see exactly what I was using.

The downside to depotting is that you lose the cool limited edition packaging that MAC sometimes has. I had an eyeshadow from the "Style Warriors" collection and I decided to put my concealer in this case instead of getting rid of it.

I also stuck the label on the bottom so I'd know what it was.

For me the best, best, best bit about depotting is that I can return the empty cases to MAC as part of their "Back to MAC" program for a free lipstick! For those of you that are unaware, you can take any 6 empty MAC containers to their shop/ counter in exchange for a free lipstick. I had some other foundation and concealer empties knocking about so I got two free lipsticks in "Lickable" and "Touch" (swatches coming up shortly).

Have you ever tried your hands at depotting?

Love, life and experimentation


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  1. I remember I was really nervous my first time devoting then you become a pro. Nice array of colors hon!


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