Friday, 18 March 2011

Mini MAC and Stila haul

I popped into MAC on Carnaby Street the other day to get a replacement for my Mineralise powder which had run out. I much prefer the MAC Pro shop on Carnaby Street as I feel that the Selfridges stand is always manic and the makeup artists always seem a little standoffish (maybe because they're so blooming busy). A quiet Wednesday afternoon was perfect to browse in peace. I'm not as obsessed with MAC as many people seem to be but I absolutely love their foundations. However, when it comes to eyeshadows I prefer the consistency of Urban Decay and Stila (see below). I think what MAC does better is provide such a wide range of makeup for all skin types; other companies would do well to take note.

I really wanted to try the Face and Body foundation so I asked for a sample and I picked up a couple of eyeshadows in 'Antiqued' and 'Ricepaper'.

The mineralize skinfinish natural in "Deep Dark" is my go to powder and I use it every day, either to set my liquid foundation, or I wear it alone for lighter coverage. I think it gives me a nice 'glow' without looking like I've showered in bronzer. Highly recommended.

 I've been dying to try these eyeshadows for a while now and I'm really happy with them. I'll do a FOTD soon with these so I didn't swatch them.

I found these Stila eyeshadows on a clearance website for on 97p! Yep you read that right. Stila eyeshadow's usually go for around 12 quid so I couldn't believe my luck. I snagged the last of these in "Jezebel" (left) and "Twig" (right). I've been wanting to try Stila eyeshadows for a while since I love their smudge pots so this completely came at the right time. They're in a pan format so I may get an empty palette to put them in. Love, love, love them.

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  1. It's so funny I need to test out the MAC eyeshadows and the face and body foundation too, let me know how they are when you try them!

  2. Thanks for your comment Natalie. MAC have a great range of shadows and there are some great ones. I still prefer Urban Decay though and I don't think you can beat their palettes.

    Just posted a FOTD using the Face and Body and the eyeshadows so check it out.

  3. i love mac
    and i use the same powder
    i only like to wear foundation when i'm going out and think some one will get silly with their camera
    but i wear the powder alone a lot

    its overage alone is mind-blowing

  4. @MsNana The cover looks good everybody imho. I wear foundation everyday and I think this is good for looking very natural or very made up.

  5. I will try the the mineralize skinfinish !! thanks ! Im a new follower, follow me too miss :)

  6. gorgeous haul!! Im still waiting to use all my stila eyeshaodws as i havent bought a palette yet. oops xx

  7. @Abigael you should definitely try it. It gives such a lovely glow.

    @ashlie I only just bought a palette for it last week but I was still using them. Don't let that stop. you can always just put them back in their box. I got a bargain on the palette on eBay for 4.25 I believe.

  8. I didn't know mac gave samples..I really want to try the face & body foundation also. I will have to go and ask.

    Mineralize is my go to also and I love antiqued... its gorg.


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