Thursday, 10 March 2011

Quick OOTD

Gosh it's so hard to rope people into taking picture of you! Just as the sun was going down on a surprisingly sunny day in London, I grabbed a friend to snap a few quick pics of me. I hope South London enjoyed the impromptu photo shoot and hope you do too.

This was what I wore to uni and I wasn't in a heels mood so I wore my trusty white brogues from Office. I couldn't really capture the detailing on them as well as I wanted to but they have a really cool pattern on them.

I wear my fern-shaped ring pretty much all the time as I love it! I also wore my H&M stag ring and  a Louis Vuitton ring on my pinky I stole from my friend.

I love these jeans and I usually wear them with heels but I kinda like the casual way they look with flats too. They're about 2 sizes too big for me but you can't really tell as I have big thighs. However, they're way too big at the waist so I'm thinking of taking them somewhere to get them altered. I got them on sale for the bargain price of £9.00 so I didn't care that it wasn't even in my size!


Peg-leg boyfriend jeans (ASOS Curve)
Cardigan (ASOS Curve)
Black top (Dorothy Perkins)
White Brogues (Office)
Snood (ASOS)
Headscarf (Primark)
Earrings (Dorothy Perkins)
Rings (Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Louis Vuitton)

Love, life and leopard-print

Domzy x


  1. Hello! I love your brogues and those rings your wearing!!! Nice outfit! :)

  2. Thanks a lot! They're soooo comfortable.

  3. I think I love how you wear a turban, they are just so you. On me they will probably look ridiculous but on you, they exude character! I love the shoes too!


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